Booster Campaign Ends. Next Steps.


Thank you everyone who participated in this initial push to raise funds for the Charles M. Parsons Scholarship Fund. The was somewhat successful. We were hoping to sell at least 50 shirts and we sold 33, but we also received several donations. In total, we raised $481.50 to establish the fund with this campaign.


This is a great to start! For those who ordered T-shirts, they will be shipped by Booster no later than January 26th. We hope you wear them with pride!

Now that we have raised these initial funds to establish the scholarship, we are seeking fiscal sponsorship with an established nonprofit. Fiscal sponsorship will allow us to solicit donations and offer tax exemption. We are hoping that this will increase the likelihood of receipt of donations and possible endowments. The fiscal responsibility service we intend to use is designed to help new charities, like ours. As of today, our application is submitted, and we should hear a response within 1-3 days.

Once the fiscal sponsorship is established, the funds we collected will be deposited into a bank account. A board of trustees will also be created to monitor and maintain the scholarship, which will be directed by Charles M. Parsons‘ grandson, Jared K. Chapman, the founder of the scholarship. Over the next few months, with the help of the board of trustees, we will determine the best method for advertising our scholarship to community and junior colleges. We will determine the best method for accepting applications and written statements describing the adversity faced by the student, as well as the means necessary to determine the eligibility for scholarship recipients. While we will likely re-launch the campaign in May or June to seek additional funds for that scholarship, we will also look at other means for fundraising.

Thank you for all your support so far. We cannot wait to make a positive influence in someone’s life and on the world in general by seeing our vision come to fruition.


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