In today’s world, a college education is practically a necessity, yet four-year universities are unable to accept the vast number of applicants seeking access to higher-level education each year. As such, approximately half of all undergraduates attend community and junior colleges, which predominately provide post-secondary educational opportunities to many first-generation, minority, low-income, and nontraditional students (American Association of Community Colleges).

Students facing such adversities often have difficulty attending college full-time or completing their degree/certification/transfer requirements within two years. Recent statistics indicate that 61 percent of community college students are only enrolled part-time, indicating that they have other obligations (i.e., jobs, family) that may interfere with their continued advancement.

Because education is difficult enough without having it interrupted by adversity, the Charles M. Parsons Scholarship Fund seeks to relieve some of the financial burden for those community and junior college students by providing small scholarships to cover tuition and books. We are not seeking to solve any problems of adversity, only to help those who are facing it, however they see it.



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